Faculty Board

Jon Snyder (Director of the Consortium for Literature, Theory, and Culture)

Ph.D., Yale University; M. Phil., Yale University

Professor, French and Italian Department

Areas of interest include Italian literature and comparative European literature, of the early modern and modern periods.

Rita Raley

Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara

Associate Professor, English Department

Areas of interest include new media (art, literature, theory) and 20-21C literature in an “international” or “global” context.

Sara Lindheim

Ph.D., Brown University

Associate Professor, Classics Department

Areas of interest include Latin poetry, Sappho, critical and feminist theory.

Sven Spieker

Ph.D., Oxford University

Associate Professor, Department of Germanic, Slavic and Semitic Studies

Areas of interest include East-Central European literatures, contemporary art (especially in the East-Central-European context), the theory and practice of the historical avant-gardes in East-Central Europe and the US, and the interplay of media, art, and critical theory.

Janet Walker

Ph.D., UCLA Film and TV Study

Professor,  Film and Media Studies

Areas of interest include film historiography; documentary film; feminism and film theory; trauma and memory; the social ecology of media.

Tom Carlson

Ph.D., University of Chicago

Professor, Religious Studies Department

Areas of research and teaching include religion and modern philosophy (especially German idealism, phenomenology, hermeneutics, and deconstruction); the history of Christian thought and culture (with special interest in the traditions of mystical and negative theology, as well as relations between theology and the emergence of modern science and politics); and religion, modernity, and post-modernity (with special interest in secularization, religion and politics, and the religious dimensions of technological culture).