Fall 2010

Steven Malcic (Dept of Film and Media Studies): “Behind the Blue Pill: ED Drugs and the American Pornotopia”
Megan Fernandes (Dept of English) “The Disintegrating Subject: Consciousness, Cognition, and Affect in Beckett’s Molloy
William Yankes (Program in Latin American and Iberian Studies) “José Lezama Lima: An Approximation to a Mystical Aesthetic”

Winter 2010

Matthew Driscoll (East Asian Studies Department) ” The Construction of Haruki Murakami”
Angela Holzmeister (Classics Department) ”Quid ‘ego sum’?: Alienation, Interpellation, and ‘Epic’-ness in the Amphitruo ”
Kristie Soares (Program in Comparative Literature) ”Mariblanca Sabas Alomá:  A Foundational Lesbian Mother for the Cuban Nation”

Fall 2009

Dana Solomon (Department of English) “No User Required: Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries and Digital Humanist Inquiry”
Debra Herrick (Department of Spanish and Portuguese) “Spirit and Matter.  New Mexican Mobile Celebrities”
Maria Corrigan (Department of Film and Media Studies) ” Balázs, Benjamin and the Factory of the Eccentric Actor”

Winter 2009

Meredith Heller (Theater and Dance) “Representing Feminist Materialism:The methodology, reclamation and refiguration of New Anatomies”
Kevin Kearney (English) “Virtuality, Immateriality, Homosexuality: Network Theory and the ‘Bad Copy’ ”
Tracy Jamison Wood (Classics) “
Phaedra’s Game: Hunting, Sex, and Domestication in Euripides’ Hippolytus”
Matthew Driscoll (East Asian Studies) 
”Haruki Murakami and (Post) Modernization of Literary-National Affect”
Judith Hicks (English) “Estranged Nature and Denatured Humankind: Nature as Anti-Mimetic in Modernist Poetics”
Mathew Mewhinney (East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies) “
Displaced Japanese Modernity in Taiwanese Colonial Fiction”

Fall 2008

Christina Cheng (Comparative Literature) “Homoerotic Desires in Tsai Ming-Ling’s The River”
Quynh Nhu T. Le (English) “The Future of Asian American Studies in Karen Tei Yamashita’s Through the Arc of the Rain Forest”
Christopher Lee (Comparative Literature)  ”Telegrammatology: Telegraphy as Figure of Unmourning in August Strindberg’s The Dance of Death”
Erik Eppel (Comparative Literature) “Spectral Technics, or, Ge-stell and the Specters of the Spectrum”

Spring 2008

Jennifer Caldwell (Theater and Dance) “Wigs, Props, and ‘Authentic’ Voice: Navigating the Historiography of World War II Soldier Shows”
Elizabeth Lagresa (Comparative Literature) “Imaginary Women: Helen and the Rebirth of the Errant Wife/Mother Archetype in the Twentieth Century”
Allison Schifani (Comparative Literature, “Mobile Technology: The Institute for Applied Autonomy and Resistance in the City”
Lily Wong (Comparative Literature) “Interpenetrating Temporalities: The Death of a Prostitute in a Time of Globalism”

Winter 2008

Xiao Che (Theater) “Call from the Depth of History — Searching for Roots in ‘Sangshuping Chronicles’”
Brandon Fastman (English) “Global Horses and Posthuman Indians: A Promiscuous Reading of Black Elk Speaks”
David Platzer (Comparative Literature) “Onitsha Market Literature and Nollywood; Hybrid Histories and Global Forms”
Liberty Stanavage (English) “The Power of the Fixed Text?: Competing Functions, The Struggle for Authority, and the Nature of Textuality in the York Register”
Ryan Boyd (English) “Wear Your Sombrero: Wallace Stevens’ Intuitive Poetics”
Judith Hicks (English) “Losing Terror in Familiarity: Affect, Community and Flourishing in Mary Austin’s The Land of Little Rain”
Tracy Jamison Wood (Classics) “‘The Best Imitation of Myself’: Helen and her Artistic Streak”
Jessica Murphy (English) “‘Of the sicke virgin’: Britomart and the Man in the Mirror”

Fall 2007

Colin Carman (English Department) “In the Eye of Sane Philosophy”: Percy Shelley, Homophobia, England in 1810.”
Susan Cook (English) “The Other of Incorporation: Sadomasochism and the Colonial Scene”
Sören Hammerschmidt (English) “A Life in Transit: Travel, Maternity, and the Progress of Civilisation in Mary Wollstonecraft’s Letters Written during a Short Residence”
Christina Cheng (Comparative Literature) “Barbadian Culture Through the Memory of Food in Austin Clarke’s ‘Bakes’ and ‘Smoked Ham Hocks with Lima Beans’”
Jessica O’Keefe (Theater and Dance) “Transgender Theatre: Rethinking Essentialism”

Spring 2007

Kim Knight (English) “Looking Over One’s Shoulder: Nineteenth-Century Secters in Twentieth Century Contexts”
Torsten Sannar (Dramatic Arts) “Appropriating Brecht in the African Postcolony: Soyinka’s Opera Wonyosi and the Junction Avenue Theatre Company’s Love, Crime, and Johannesburg”
Marthine Satris (English) “Paper Spaces and Spatial Places”
Tracy Jamison (Classics): “Euripides’ Elegiac Helen”

Winter 2007

Brandon Fastman (English) “Animal Documentary: A War On Terror”
Carol Fischer (Dramatic Arts) “Trans-Absurdism: The Transculturating of Absurdism in Griselda Gambaro’s Drama”
James Fujitani (French) “Pierre de Ronsard and the Humanization of Inspiration”
Rachel Mann (English): “‘Let me know my fate’: Mary Crawford as (Anti)Heroine of Mansfield Park“
Danielle Lafrance (Comparative Literature) “Fronteriza Identity in  Leonor Villegas and Jovita Gonzalez”
Martin Rosenstock (German Department) “Rendezvous with Halley’s  Comet – Ernst Jünger’s Voyage through the Twentieth Century”
Haley O’Neil (Spanish Department) “Primitivism, Insularism, and the Revision of Cubanidad in Virgilio Pinera’s La isla en peso“
Eric Martinsen (English Department) “Haunted Histories and Global  Futures in Morales and Ghosh”

Fall 2006

Anne Marcoline (Comparative Literature) “Valéry’s My Faust: Staging Conflicts”
Judith A. Hicks (English) “Losing Neverland: The Homes that Colonized Women Imagine from Homer’s Calypso to Rhys’ Antoinette”
Xiao Che (Dramatic Arts) “Dionysus: The Ambiguous God”
Mac Oliver (English) “Gates & Leaves: Plotting the Dead in Absalom, Absalom! In Light of the Aeneid”
Simone Chess (English) ”Where’s your Jonson?: Male to Female Crossdressing in Ben Jonson’s ‘Epicoene’ and ‘The Devil is an Ass’”
Nanette Pawelek (Comparative Literature) ”Remediation and Abuses of Memory: Mein Kampf, from Orality to National Epic”
Edward (Mac) Test (English) ”The Tempest and The Newfoundland Cod Fishery”
Maggie Sloan (English) ”‘Come, listen to my plaintive ditty’: the Rhetoric of Sentiment, Sensibility, and Abolition in Amelia Opie’s ‘Black Man’s Lament’ and Adeline Mowbray”

Winter 2006

Tracy Jamison (Classics) ”(Fe)Male Dionysus: the False Dichotomy of Gender in Euripidean Theatre”
Douglas Hong (English)  ”Paying Offences: Intersections in the Political Experiences Of Native-and Japanese-Americans in the 1940s and 1950s”
Beth Wynstra (Dramatic Arts)  ”The Living Theatre: Directing Against the Revolution”
Susan Cook (English)  ”‘…no true home…’: Displacement, Nationality, and Lucy Snowe’s Villette”
Nathan Henne (Comp Lit) ”Filtering K’iche’ Poetics: Anthropology and the Popol Vuh as Literature”
Laura Miller (English) ”Public Tears for the ‘Already written’ Mind in Pope’s ‘Eloisa to Abelard’”
Lisa Swanstrom (Comp Lit) ”SoftBot, Knowbot, WebBot, or No-bot? How the Robot Lost Its Body in the Age of Information”
Ben Shockey (English) ”Architecture, Space, and the Production of Gay Subjectivity in Alan Hollinghurst’s The Swimming-Pool Library“

Fall 2005

Suk-Young Kim (Dramatic Art) ”Springtime for Kim Il-sung in Pyongyang: Pyongyang on Stage, Pyongyang as Stage”
Jeremy Douglass (English) ”Benchmark Fiction: A Framework for Comparative New Media Studies”
Jessica Elise O’Keefe (Dramatic Art) ”Transgender Perspectives: Exposing Heteronormativity as a Construct through Alternative Family and Coming of Age Narratives”
Sarah McLemore (English) ”Dynamite Terror and the Textual Landscape of London”
Billy Hall (English) ”The Specter of Eighteen-Century Aesthetics in Paul de Man’s Haunting of Theory”
Kieran Murphy (Comparative Literature) ”Magnetic Realism: The Influence of Animal Magnetism and Somnambulism in Balzac’s La Comédie Humaine“
Heidi Brevik (French – Brown Univ.) ”C’est Pourri de Chic: The Fashion of Modernity in Emile Zola’s Nana”
David Roh (English) ”Benjamin’s Aura in the 21st Century: The Printing Press, Copyright Law, and the Death of Creativity”

Past Years

Glenna Berry-Horton (Portuguese) ”Two Unreliable and Outrageous Narrators”
Elizabeth Freudenthal (English) ”Beyond Irony: A Negative Space of Identity”
Chris K. Lee (Comparative Literature) ”Patterns of Childhood as a Novel Invested in the Double Movement of Owning and Disowning the Past (and the Present)”
Kris McAbee (English) ”Self-Substantial Fuel: Reflections of Narcissus and Echo in William Shakespeare’s Sonnets”
Randall Pogorzelski (Comparative Literature) ”A Failure to Communicate in Aeneid Six“
Jenna Reinbold (Religious Studies) ”The Free Individual and Fundamentalist Islam”
Ronald Smith (Dramatic Arts) ”Rehearsing for Revolution in Taiwan: Is Augusto Boal a Magical Realist?”
Jacob Berman (English) ”Captive Identity: Images of Barbary and Ante Bellum American Identity Politics”
Julianne Cordero (Religious Studies) ”The Gathering of Traditions: The Reciprocal Alliance of History, Ecology, Health, and Community among the Contemporary Chumash”
Didier Maleuvre (French & Italian) ”Against Culture: A Moral Portrait of Relativism”