Spring Conference: *Risk* May 29, 2009

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In a vast spectrum of human undertakings, perceptions, situations and experiences, risk is fundamental to our calculations of chance, probability or odds that bear on the future. Risk may or may not be reckless, but only “a relation of risk,” Heidegger states, “places human beings, and them alone, in the open site in the midst of beings.”

Friday May 29th Scheduled Program:

9:00a - Greeting and Opening Remarks: Professor Jon Snyder, French and Italian Department, UCSB

9:15a - Introduction of Professor Wolf Kittler by Erik Eppel

9:20a - Keynote One: Professor Wolf Kittler, Germanic Studies/Comparative Literature, UCSB

“Risk, History, Trauma”

10:00a - Panel One: Modernity, Movements, Mafia, and Marivaux moderated by Marthine Satris

1) Carlos Lin (Comp Lit, University of Southern California)

“The Problem of Modernity: Rethinking Bodies, Sexualities, and Modernizations”

2) Marzia Milazzo (Comp Lit, UC Santa Barbara)

“We Risk our Lives to Save our Dignity: The Youth-led Anti-Mafia Movement in Sicily”

3) Kane Anderson (Theater and Dance, UC Santa Barbara)

“The Rise of Super-Obama and the Risks of Pop Culture on Public Identity”

4) Anneleise Pollock (French and Italian, UC Santa Barbara)

“Chance, Risk, and Reward in Marivaux’s The Upstart Peasant

11:20-11:30a - Coffee Break

11:30a - Panel Two: Chromatic and Other Configurations of the Political moderated by Dan Reynolds

1) Yuting Huang (Comp Lit, UC Los Angeles)

“The Unknowable Risk – The Concept of Risk and the Ethics of Political Action”

2) Dana Solomon (English, UC Santa Barbara)

“The Constant Threat: Color-Coding the Politicization of Risk”

3) Rahul Mukherjee (Film and Media StudiesUC Santa Barbara)

“A Reply to Terrorism on a Wednesday : Bollywood Thriller’s Prescriptions for State and                                      Citizens”

12:45p - Lunch (catered)

1:45p – Introduction to Professor Didier Maleuvre by David Platzer

2:00p  - Keynote Two: Professor Didier Maleuvre, French/Comparative Literature, UCSB

“Risk and Creation”

2:45p - Panel Three: War, Identity, Chance: Fires moderated by Karin Kroger

1) Emma Beaufort (Comparative Literature UC Santa Barbara)

“Risky Business: Psychological Warfare in Caribbean Households, 17th-18th Centuries”

2) Michelle Kendall (French and Italian, UC Santa Barbara)

“The Risk of Identity in Edouard Glissant”

3) Bret Brinkman (English, UC Santa Barbara)

“Risky Situations: Chance Encounters, Waste, and Space”

4.) Chris Lee (Comparative Literature, UC Santa Barbara)

“The Greatest Fire: Strindberg, Ibsen, Ghosts”

4:15p - Concluding Remarks /Roundtable (Or, Monopoly versus Risk Showdown, TBA)

CLTC Faculty Advisor: Professor Jon Snyder

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