May 27 — CLTC Annual Conference: Aesthetic Mutations

Posted in Conference on April 19th, 2011

CLTC’s annual graduate student conference will take place at Centennial House on Friday, May 27th, 2011 from 9 AM until 6 PM.

Graduate students from throughout the University of California system and from other universities will consider the discipline of aesthetics itself in relation to “change,” for the concepts and discourse of aesthetics have undergone a sweeping transformation from antiquity to (post)modernity, and they will also focus on the representation and thematization of “mutation” and “change” in artworks and media products of all kinds and from all periods.

Our keynote speakers are:

Professor Shane Butler, Classics Department, UCLA. Title of speech: “After-Images.” 9:30 AM
Professor Bram Ieven, Department of Modern Languages, Utrecht University (IHC Visiting Scholar at UCSB). Title of speech: “Transmutations of Modernism.” 4:45 PM

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Directions and details about location are available at Logistics, under the Conference tab.